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"Still Waiting"

Authored & Illustrated by Danielle Lee

A Children's Story Book about Climate Change

Ollie is a baby polar bear cub who lives happily in the Arctic with his mother. But what will happen when climate change starts to affect their lives? Will Ollie and his mother be able to fight against climate change, or will the pollution caused by humans lead to their family’s downfall? This touching story of a polar bear cub and his mother tells how pollution by fossil fuels, harmful gases, and global warming impact these beautiful animals’ habitats and lives, and encourages children to think for making a difference.

  • Written in English and Spanish

  • One of the rare children's story books about the global climate crisis

  • Interdisciplinary teaching with science, arts, reading, and languages

  • Suitable for ages 4-8

  • Resources provided for teachers and parents to easily use for discussion on what is global warming, why polar bears are so heavily affected by global warming, and how to help

  • Author available to talk to children in classrooms and public libraries

To request author visit or paper books, please email the author to You can also meet this book through Read Aloud at (English) and (Spanish).

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